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BASIC license


With the Member BASIC license you have the opportunity to secure a TOP position in the Powerline and in the 3x12 Matrix before the official start.
The associated modules & Functions will be released to you gradually. 


  • Easy contact management
    (Interested people who have registered for more information but have not registered)

  • Interested parties FollowUp via email & AI TelegramBOT
    (Your interested parties will be contacted automatically)

  • Position in the Powerline & in the 3x12 matrix

  • Landing pages (free ROXXTTER member registration & ROXXTTER events)

  • Sales partner notification system (via email)


  • Boost marketing tools in FREE version
    (Sales APP, webinar BOT system, LP generator) including banner upline advertising

  • Access to external projects and TreasureBox

  • Powerline & Matrix Bonus

With the Member BASIC license you have easy contact management; you see all the data that your interested parties have provided, e.g. name, email, phone number.

You can build your own contact list and have an email follow-up system.
Depending on the action, such as watching a video, your interested parties will be contacted automatically, by email and via our TelegramBOT.
So you don't need any additional email marketing software. 

You can also use all boost marketing tools in the FREE version.
All tools include ROXTTTER Club advertising in the form of banners.
The banner is connected to the ref. link of your upline. 

You also get the Powerline and 3x12 Matrix bonus.
This means that the faster you pay that $55, the sooner you will be in the 3x12 matrix before everyone else and thus receive spillovers from people who register and pay after you. In addition, you will be placed TOP in the powerline above everyone, including those who registered before you and who have not yet purchased and paid for $55 or other licenses

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