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BUSINESS license


Introductory price: $500 annually
Regular price: $1,000 annually

You have the opportunity to secure the introductory price before the official start.
Instead of paying $1,000 annually, you only pay $500 for the first year. The associated modules & Functions will be released to you gradually. 


  • Campaigns: Tracking Link • Filter & analysis


  • Set up three of your own projects (visible to your own downline)

  • Use three funnels (target group-oriented LPs & video funnels e.g. making money, crypto, health, etc.)

  • Buy premium funnels from external content creators

  • AI content generator

With the business license you can set THREE external projects, visible as “member projects” for your downline. 

There are also various landing pages available to you that you can connect to THREE funnels. Means the website and all associated videos are structured according to target groups. Health, crypto income or generally making money online. You can choose your desired target group and use the corresponding landing page with videos that are specifically based on the topic. This means you can address people very specifically and are much more efficient. 

With the campaign tracking link, you can use a separate link for each promotion, for each campaign. This means you can distinguish where most interested parties come from, whether from Facebook or email, and which interested parties bring you the most sales. You can filter and analyze like an advertising professional. This is the only way you can determine which campaigns bring you the most and you don't burn money or waste time.  

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