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PRO license


Introductory price: $100 annually
Regular price: $250 annually

You have the opportunity to secure the introductory price before the official start.
Instead of paying $250 annually, you only pay $100 for the first year. The associated modules & Functions will be released to you gradually. 



  • Advanced contact management
    (including user action overview & tracking)

  • Landing pages
    (Free ROXXTTER member registration & ROXXTTER events)

  • Advanced contact management
    (including user action overview & tracking)

  • Sales partner notification system (via email)

  • ToDo list by user action

  • One-click social media posting


  • Persons Use referral link
    (In external projects & Treasure Box)

  • Advertising & Traffic Center (access to traffic sources & strategies)

  • Enter contacts and write to them directly via the system

  • Use your own custom LP domains

With the PRO license you have all the functions of the marketing software. 

You can also connect your personal reference link from the respective external project with the ROXTTTER Club system. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST, because only if you provide your personal ref. link can your contacts register in the external projects under you. 

You have access to traffic sources. We'll show you where, e.g. on which website you can find new interested parties and strategies on how you can generate these interested parties in the easiest and fastest way. 

You also have extended contact management. You can see what actions your interested party has done in the ROXTTTER portal. e.g. which videos he watched and for how long or which emails he received. This way you can assess who is a serious prospect and don't waste any time. You can also see which FollowUp emails your prospect has received and read. 

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